Shane Co. Launches Online Charm Builder

Shane Co. announced the launch of an online charm
customization platform that is compatible with touch-screen devices including
the iPhone and the iPad.

Using the Charm Builder at,
users can select a style of bracelet, pendant, or earrings and then add
andremove charms with a drag-and-drop interface. The finished jewelry can be
ordered directly on the website.

“Charm Builder’s touch-screen device compatibility
allows Shane Co. to better leverage the explosion in mobile shopping,”
Price Blanchard, executive vice president of marketing and merchandising, tells

Blanchard noted that, according to a report
on mobile shopping by research firm ForeSee, 11 percent of web shopper reported
having made a purchase from their mobile phones this holiday season, compared
to only two percent at this time last year.

The Charm Builder allows user to customize many charms with
their choice of gemstones including diamonds, rubies, and assorted colors of

“Our Charm Builder lets customers see exactly what they are
buying, both through our superior quality photography and by showing the charm
jewelry in perfect scale,” Shane Co. owner Tom Shane said in a statement.
“Customers can also place the charms on the precise links of their choice on
the bracelet.”