Shakeup at GIA Thailand

Nine members of GIA’s Thailand education arm have
been fired, as explained by this Thai newspaper article (translated into English by Google translate). Six of them were instructors, while three were in other
fields. The article suggests a dispute over bonuses could be the cause. 

GIA spokeswoman Jessica Sachariason tells

GIA recently implemented staff changes at
the Thailand education campus. Due to privacy and legal concerns, we are not
able to discuss personnel matters of current or former GIA staff.

Currently, some of the Institute’s most
seasoned instructors from the Carlsbad world headquarters are on-site in
Thailand to teach courses and provide any educational services needed. We thank
the employees who left for their contributions and welcome the new Thailand
team members for the service they will bring to our students. GIA is
continually dedicated to providing our students with the highest standards of
excellence in gemological education.

GIA has a strong commitment to education,
laboratory services, and research in Thailand under the leadership of Kenneth
Scarratt, managing director of our Thailand operations.

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