(Sensible) Shoe Shopping: Bliss

I was walking the dog the other night and around the corner came Lillian, a friend from my building and fellow dog owner, with her dog Beasley in tow and I noticed that she, who is petite, was eye-level with me.

I looked down at her feet and noticed that she was wearing some alien footwear that not only made her noticeably taller, but also a bit off-kilter.

When pressed she told me that they were Masai Barefoot Technology Sneakers

When I said “What?”

Lillian responded, “You know, the anti-cellulite sneakers.” 

Now we all know. And knowing is half the battle.

Here’s the skinny on these body shaping shoes:

Muscle activity increased when walking in…
Lower limbs by 19%
Rear Thigh Muscles by 19%
Buttock Muscles by 9%
Oxygen intake by 2.5%

Muscle activity increased when standing in…
Lower limbs by 38%
Rear thigh muscles by 37%
Buttock muscles 28%

Stresses on knee and hip joints decreased …
by 19% 

They’re not as aesthetically pleasing as the Cole Haan Nike Air Heels, but hey science can’t always be sexy.

You can search here for your local carrier of the MBT sneakers or simply order them online through Bliss if you don’t want to be seen carrying them out of any neighborhood stores.

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