Selling Jewelry Comes Without a Dress Rehearsal

In sales, we don’t have the luxuries enjoyed by many other professions. There are no “Mulligans” when it comes to sales. We don’t get the opportunity to do the presentation over again. We cannot wipe the slate clean and start all over again. There is no dress rehearsal. Each and every customer that we deal with is an opening night live performance in front of a New York Times critic.

In our chosen profession every opportunity could constitute the difference between success and failure, between profit and loss, or of a sales increase or a sales decrease. Yet, many times I have to believe that many salespeople have the attitude that if I don’t get this one there will always be another potential customer coming in the door momentarily and I will sell that one. While that may be true the one that got away makes all the difference in the world. In difficult times where the economy is suffering and customers aren’t breaking down the doors to buy our products and services this is especially true.

Now is the time for action, certainly not inactivity. Are you asking the customers all the right questions? Are you showing additional goods? Are you creating value in your presentation? Are you establishing trust? Are you selling yourself and your store or company with every customer? Are you working on handling objections and uncovering the true reason why the customer is resisting? Are you asking every customer to buy? Are you turning over any sale that you cannot complete? Are you making the experience of buying from you something that will stand out above the average? Are you sincerely greeting customers, thanking them and inviting them to come back again? Are you delivering exceptional customer service with every opportunity?

There is no dress rehearsal in sales. Every customer counts on the scoreboard. Give every customer your very best effort.

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