Sell Comfort

I am always amazed how the word comfort is missing from so many jewelry advertisements and sales presentations. Try any other fashion or accessory item and the odds are pretty good that the word comfort is going to come up. Not so in jewelry! Sales representatives are taught to meet and greet, engage, deliver sales presentations, conduct product demonstrations, answer questions and overcome objections and trial close and ask for the order, but seldom is there a specific effort to differentiate the product based on comfort.Some rings are designed with a comfort fitting band which makes great sense to me, but shouldn’t all jewelry be designed with comfort in mind? Sometimes designers replicate an existing design for a larger woman and the result is a piece of jewelry that is too heavy and not comfortable to wear. I wonder how many pieces of jewelry sit in jewelry wardrobes and not worn because they are not comfortable to wear. Comfort adds value to a piece of jewelry.

What makes a piece of jewelry more comfortable to wear over another? If jewelry marketers are missing this selling opportunity can we logically expect sales representatives to be selling the comfort of jewelry?

Do customers show preference in the products they purchase based on comfort? You bet they do! Design in style becomes devalued when comfort is not delivered through design. How many sales presentations are taken up discussing aesthetic design and product quality features while precluding points of comfort and ease of wear?

Of course there is comfort as piece of mind that consumers can gain through selecting the right jewelry source to buy from. The industry does a remarkable job of addressing trust and trustworthiness. However, selling the comfort of wearing jewelry seems to be an obvious means of differentiation that is not being taken advantage of.

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