Seeing Green

Sometimes, you take an interest in something new only to discover it’s been around you all along. Like, your friend gets pregnant and you realize for the first time how many toy and baby clothing stores are in your neighborhood.

This happens a lot when you write for a living- you choose a subject for an upcoming article and, in the research, realize just how relevant it is (often it goes the other way, but sometimes it goes this way)- and it is happening to me right now, as I work on a piece about environmentally-friendly jewelry.

Suddenly…everything around me is coming up green! Like the new jewelry line from ABC Carpet & Home– the retailer that has mastered the connection between aesthetics and meaning (ABC : me = H.Stern : Carrie): the ABC Home Grounded Jewel Collection.

More on this sustainable, socially-conscious line in next week’s JCKstyle newsletter and an in depth look at the green jewelry movement in Luxury’s Designer Issue this summer.

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