Santa Fe Symposium Hits the Mark in 2008

The fun starts next weekend in Albuquerque with the speakers and topics this year all very timely for the changes and challenges in the jewelry industry today. The cast of “characters” from all over the world are donating their time to provide a top drawer education that could help us find our way.

I am looking forward to seeing Alexandre Auberson ( Cartier ) again, the ever entertaining Joerg Fisher-Buhner ( Legor ) on palladium, and Dr Joe Tunick Strauss ( HJE Comp ) on advances in powder metal technology. Also a re-vist from Dr. Boonrat Lohwongtatana from Chulalongkom University in Bankok who blew us all away last year with his presentation on liquid metals…. a most excellent and amusing speaker

However, there is the one presentation that really intrigues me by Gay Penfold from the Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre at the University of Central England. Gay will discuss Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Digital Manufacturing of fine jewelry.

 Is this the death of the rubber mold…..?

And yes of course…..

there is the study that Teresa Frye ( Techform Advanced Casting ) and I have been working on about casting CAD/CAM materials. From this study I feel we understand the answers to that question much better than ever before.

The Santa Fe Symposium is not a trade show. It is that very rare non-commercial venue where jewelers and manufacturers help each other to understand our opportunities for the future

I hope you will join us there next week…..

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