Russian delegation visits Diamond Dealers Club

A high-level delegation of the diamond industry, headed by Alexander Nichopurik, the newly appointed president of Russian diamond producer Alrosa, recently visited the Diamond Dealers Club.

Nichopurik said he is eager to work with and get to know the New York industry.

He noted that, with Alrosa is selling less to De Beers by order of the European Union, the company will sell its stones through a combination of a sight system and tenders.

“We are interested in direct trade with diamond producers in the American market,” he said.

Diamond Manufacturers and Importers Association president Ronald Friedman told the Russian delegation: “We are very anxious to talk to you about bringing more rough to the New York market.”

Jacob Banda, DDC president, said that discussions with the Russian leaders are off “to a promising start. Hopefully, we will be able to work together.”

Attendees stressed that the New York industry was an open one and the gateway to the all-important American consumer market.

Nichopurik is the head of Alrosa, the Russian diamond producer. Also in the delegation was trade veteran Sergey Oulin, Alrosa vice president, and Maxim Shkadov, director general of diamond cuter Kristall – Smolensk