Rugged Beauty: A Brute of a Diamond Ring From Israeli Boaz Kashi

At the JA Summer Show this week, Tel Aviv–based jewelry designer Boaz Kashi unveiled a one-of-a-kind diamond flower ring with a heft and rugged texture characteristic of many artists who hail from the Holy Land.


Boaz Kashi diamond and gold ring

Ten carats of rough brown diamonds comprise the petals, while a 1.5 ct. rough diamond center—accented with a tiny ruby—serves as the capitulum. Made in 18k yellow and white gold, the thick shank has a bit of a Swiss cheese effect, with tiny holes punctuating the metal in random places, while an abundance of nearly pin head–size sapphires and rubies are scattered in burnished and bezel settings.

Boaz Kashi diamond and gold ring

Then there are the mighty crown-inspired baskets that border on bling for their size and almost cartoon-like silhouettes and efficiency; juxtaposed with Kashi’s sandblasted texturing on the underside—further embellished a sapphire-studded Saturn’s Ring of gold—and you have a complicated piece that will leave people wondering whether you’ve got Jay-Z or Tom Waits on your playlist.

Adding to the madness: It moves. That ruby-and-diamond center wiggles a bit at the touch, and the entire topside assembly rotates left and right, but doesn’t completely swivel due to two sturdy and equidistant gold bars holding everything together.

Boaz Kashi diamond and gold ring

Kashi tells JCK that it took only two weeks to make (looks like more to me!), and that it retails for $48,000. It didn’t sell this week, but a private collector from Florida has interest.

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