Royal Asscher’s $210,000 Promotion

In celebration of the 75th anniversary issue of Brides magazine, Asscher has created a pendant for the publication to give away to 75 lucky readers.

The necklaces which have a retail value of $2,850 were designed by Lita Asscher, sixth generation Royal Asscher diamantaire. Each necklace is shaped as a Royal Asscher Cut and features high quality micro-pave diamonds 0.25 ct. set in 18K white gold.

“Brides magazine approached us with the opportunity to feature in this special collectors edition of their magazine,” Lita Asscher said. “This is the largest consumer promotion that Royal Asscher has ever participated in—the prize value exceeds $210,000. The anniversary issue has been much anticipated and heavily promoted by Conde Nast. Our participation in this promotion has generated significant attention in print, online, and in the blogosphere.”

Asscher added “One of our primary objectives is to communicate to the jeweler and consumer audience understand that the Royal Asscher Cut is different to the Asscher Cut, as such, our consumer PR efforts are increasingly important. When consumers ask for Royal Asscher, they do so because they are an educated audience and have read about the brand and the cut; essentially they understand that the Royal Asscher Cut is a beautified version of our original Asscher due to 16 additional facets, perfect symmetry and superior light performance – what they want is the most beautiful diamond, not a generic imitation. What we want is to get people asking for Royal Asscher – this promotion has created a buzz that fulfils this objective.”

Asscher continued “In these times offering consumers interesting, special merchandise is the order of the day, but the offering has to be supported by clever promotion to draw people into the store. The question posed to us by potential new customers is: What do you do to help us sell your product? People talk about this being a ‘memo market’ but that doesn’t attract attention to the jeweler and close sales. Smart retailers are seeking ways to increase foot traffic through joint PR initiatives with their brands of choice, and staff training to turn that traffic into revenue. Perhaps the most important thing for all players in the jewelry industry to bear in mind, and tap into, is the main reason that people buy diamonds in the first place: love and timeless beauty.”