Royal Asscher Launches Sapphire Collection

Royal Asscher of America has launched Royal Asscher Cut Sapphires, which will be featured alongside Royal Asscher Cut diamonds, under the name Rocks & Jewels by Royal Asscher.

The eight collections (Intoxicate, Irresistible, Dynamic, Desire, Bewitch, Enchant, Fantasy, and Spellbound) were designed by Lita Asscher. The distinctively styled collections feature rings, bands, earrings, bracelets/ bangles and pendants. Stunning hues of blue, pink, yellow and lavender sapphires are polished to Royal Asscher’s exacting specifications, and showcased in extraordinary settings, alongside the company’s signature Royal Asscher® Cut diamond. 

“I along with my brother Mike, want to continue our family legacy of innovation and excellence; the Royal Asscher Cut Sapphire collection is testimony to this. The life and fire that we have succeeded in drawing out of sapphires is truly remarkable and is testimony to the performance capabilities of the Royal Asscher Cut itself,” said Lita Asscher, president, Royal Asscher of America. “We have timed for an October in-store launch, specifically for the holiday season.”

Royal Asscher Cut Sapphires collections are priced from $3,500 wholesale.