Roland Mouret Returns to the Runway

I’m so excited to hear that fashion designer Roland Mouret will unveil a new couture collection—dubbed RM—in July during some Paris fashion shows. Since the unveiling of the “Galaxy” dress, he hasn’t created a great deal beyond 10 designs for The Gap (which sold out so quickly in New York City that I didn’t have time to shop). I hope others are ready for more Mouret, because I think he’s overdue for new looks.

Galaxy made a lasting impression in my mind. That simultaneously sweet- and smart-looking frock with cap sleeves—cap sleeves—epitomizes a sophisticated and elegant look that I’d never tire of wearing. [I’m forever searching and for an overstock or unwanted version to call my own.] Celebrities like Cameron Diaz never tired of the dress, either, as a bunch of big names were photographed in it (how about some more salt in my wound, world?). Well, anyway, I’m looking forward to Mouret’s new line, and hope it can replicate some of the fabulousness of Galaxy. And if you own a green number, in a … ahem … a larger size, and have lost your love for it, feel free to contact me about relocating it to my closet.