Ring Box with LCD Technology

A new electronic invention, sourced from the world of cell phones, provides consumers with highly personalized packaging. Its inventor is calling it “YouTube in a luxury ring box.”

Danny Oh, founder and president of Euri, Inc., Torrance, Calif., has patented Euricase, a multimedia ring box that incorporates a LCD panel that automatically plays a customer’s personalized video, picture slideshow, or audio when opened.

Each case, which can be customized, is about the same size as the average ring box. Soft perimeter lighting focused on the ring when the box is opened enhances the presentation. The 2-inch LCD panel includes a clock, alarm, calendar, and photo-album display.

It is available in various colored and metallic finishes. The box interior can be lined with leather or velvet. When the ring is not in the box, a placeholder with the retailer’s logo is available.

Even technically challenged customers will be able to drag and drop, via a USB port, an enhanced marriage proposal, a slide show or video with music of special courtship moments, such as the wedding, honeymoon, or birthdays, Oh said. The multimedia can be easily updated at any time. It can store more than 500 pictures or 60 minutes of video.

Oh—who previously spent more than 12 years in the semiconductor industry, developing components for companies such as Samsung, Motorola, and LG—said Euricase will change jewelry gift-giving.

“It will not be thrown away or put in a drawer,” Oh said. “The box will be shared with family and friends as an ongoing reminder of the couple’s special life events.” 

The keepsake nature of the Euricase is an ongoing benefit to the retail store, Oh said. Retailers can customize the box with their store colors, logo, promotional videos, and advertising.

The Euricase ring box retails for $198.95, which Oh says provides a potential profit center as opposed to an expense.

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