Recruiting great employees

Jon Parker, senior vice president, DJP Executive Search Inc., Virginia Beach, Va., offered valuable recruiting tips to jewelers at last week’s JCK Show ~ Phoenix. Parker’s firm, which is managed with partner and CEO Debbie Dern, frequently hand picks employees for clients depending on needs. But for jewelers who like to try their own hand at selecting new hires, DJP has some advice.

When in the market for a great employee, look for:

* The person with the unstoppable positive mental attitude, an eye for detail, and a passion for excellence.

* The person who cares a lot about his or her service, and has a great personality. He or she could be a salesperson at a cosmetic counter, a bank teller, a waitress, or even a frequent customer. Keep your eyes open.

* The best-dressed and/or best-groomed person in a store who’s usually working a “money-making shift” (if you notice someone who’s currently employed in sales). This person is a “ringer,” and will have a tightly displayed store with an increased tempo among surrounding staff.

Once you’ve found a potential hire, ask him or her some questions on the spot, such as, “Are you always this happy? What drives your positive attitude?” and “Why do you like to make others happy?” If the answers indicate a positive outlook on life and not just a one-day occasion for joy, then you may consider pursuing more specific questions such as, “Do you work full- or part-time? Are you in college? What are your thoughts regarding a career? Do you like jewelry? Have you ever thought about a career in jewelry?” If the responses are intriguing, you may want to consider inviting this person to your store for a formal interview.

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