Reader’s Corner: Terry Chandler, president of the DCA

Terry Chandler, president of the Diamond Council of America,
talks about “First, Break All the Rules” by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman.
Here’s why Terry recommends this book to retailers:

“The well-known volume walks the reader through the
traditional ‘traps’ of managing, planning, and executing in the business world
and dispels many of the ‘tried-and-true’ myths on which too many of our
businesses are built. The authors reveal, through extensively documented
statistics and surveys, which of our traditional management perceptions are
failing and often misinformed in the current environment. It was,
interestingly, written during a strong period of retail sales growth in 1999
yet anticipates issues which would eventually resonate in the 2008 downturn,
which continues to impact our businesses today.”

Terry Chandler