Readers’ Corner: Matthew Perosi, founder of the Jeweler Website Advisory Group

of having an industry expert recommend printed books by other authors they
think will benefit retailers, this week Readers’ Corner has a new twist: An
industry expert recommending his new e-book.

Perosi, founder of the Jeweler Website Advisory Group (JWAG), recently
completed an e-book entitled “Holiday 2010 Gold Nugget Marketing Strategy.” The
31-page e-book offers retailers an online marketing plan for the upcoming
holiday shopping season. The book offers online marketing strategies for social
media platforms and other electronic outlets. But a big plus for this e-book is
a handy three-month daily planner to help remind store owners and their staff
what they should be doing daily to build top-of-mind awareness, excitement,
interactivity and converting sales as part of an online marketing plan in the
lead up time and post Christmas days before New Year’s. The calendar countdown
to Christmas started this month. To learn more about this e-book and the
nine-part online marketing strategies it contains plus the holiday planning
daily reminder calendar, read the author’s description of the book and what it
offers retail jewelers.

The eBook can be
purchased at
for $22
. Read what the author says about his e-book.

Digital marketing should be an
important part of your overall advertising campaign for the upcoming Holiday
2010 Season.  It’s no longer just
about search engine optimization of your website, or generating Facebook fans
and Twitter followers. It’s about everything working together synchronously.

Some retailers put all their online
efforts into Facebook fans, other concentrate on Twitter or blog posts.  But come the holiday season, the
average consumer will not scour Facebook or Twitter for a local jewelry store,
they will go back to what they know best: Search.

At the same time, a new wave of highly
tech savvy users armed with the latest iPhone or Android phone will use any
number of cell phone applications or search features to aid with their holiday
shopping decision making.  Yet even
on a cell phone it’s still a type of Search.

The eBook “Holiday 2010 Gold
Nugget Marketing Strategy” provides very specific actions every retail
jeweler can implement before Thanksgiving that will bolster visibility in
several digital mediums.  These
specific daily directions for each action take into account the amount of time
required before your website, blog, photos, articles and videos will show in up
various search locations.

Additional easy-to-implement marketing
strategies include what days of the week to send emails, post on Facebook,
change your website, and exactly what to say when you advertise.

An easy-to-read 3-month calendar for
October 2010 to December 2010 is included on the last three pages.  It pulls together all the details from
the eBook for easy reference.

This eBook represents an analysis of 6
years of public Google data and private network traffic across more than 300
brick and mortar jewelry store websites in the USA.  The analysis included topics of interest, time trending,
demographics and computer vs. cell phone usage.

This easy-to-understand eBook presents
the basic psychological reasons how and why consumers use the internet the way
they to do throughout the holiday season.

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