RapNet to Expel Members Who Trade In Marange Diamonds

RapaportThe Rapaport Group and the RapNet Diamond Trading Network have implemented an immediate trading ban on all diamonds from Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond fields due to severe human rights violations. As Marange rough diamonds are uniquely identifiable, the ban does not apply to diamonds from Zimbabwe that are not from the Marange area.

According to a press release, Rapaport believes that blood diamonds from the Marange fields have been legally exported to the diamond cutting centers with Kimberley Process Certificates and may now be reaching retailers as polished diamonds.

Over the next few days all 4,100+ RapNet members will be required to immediately remove all RapNet listings of Marange diamonds and to confirm upon login to the trading network that they will no longer knowingly trade in Marange diamonds or other diamonds involved in human rights abuses. The Rapaport Group has also sent letters to industry organizations asking them to ban Marange diamonds.

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