Rainbow Collection at Dubai Trade Fair

International Diamond Laboratories will showcase the Rainbow Collection of fancy colored diamonds at Dubai International Jewellery Week, held at the Dubai World Trade Center, Dec. 11 to 15.

This unique collection of 300 fancy colored diamonds is showcased for the first time in Dubai. Eddy Elzas, the man behind the Rainbow Collection, will comment on the world’s most rare diamonds during a seminar on 12 Dec. 12, in partnership with IDL.

‘Fancy colored diamonds are very popular in the Gulf region. We are happy to link the world’s rarest diamond collection to the leading diamond laboratory of the region. Accurate quality grading is even more important for exclusive diamonds.’ said Peter Meeus, IDL chief executive officer.

Elzas, known as the king of colored diamonds, started his career in diamonds as a diamond cleaver, and gradually became involved in the diamond business as a broker, dealer, an adviser and expert, a professor and, the authority for natural fancy colored diamonds.

The Rainbow Collection is reputed to be the largest and finest collection of colored diamonds in the world. It is valued at more than $100 million.

Fancy colored diamonds is the central theme of IDL’s campaign during the Dubai International Diamond Week. The Rainbow Collection will be showcased at the IDL booth. IDL will also host a seminar during which Eddy Elzas will comment on the world’s most rare diamonds.

To celebrate this event, IDL offers a fancy colored diamond for raffle every day. All visitors to the Dubai International Jewellery Week can participate and have a chance to become the owner of an exclusive blue, cognac, orange, purple, or yellow diamond, certified by IDL.