Quality Customer Relationships

What constitutes a quality jewelry customer relationship? If we apply an approach that customers define quality based on their expectations then jewelers should be focused on quality customer relationships developed and refined through business strategies, processes and information technology. Jewelry company relationships address the needs, wants, demands and desires of individual customers in order to optimize revenue opportunities. Jewelers need to embellish the powers of customer relationship management (CRM) and adopt processes that enhance customer loyalty.

Consider the means available to attract new jewelry customers. Quality customer relationships often produce referrals that lead to new customers. Word of mouth referrals from existing customers help build a company and reflect quality customer relationships.  Customers who go out of their way to help a company understand how to better serve them should also be viewed as loyal customers who have quality customer relationships with the company.  While it may be a bit passive aggressive, it does reflect a commitment by the customer to want to continue to do business with the company. Too often companies view suggestions made by customers as complaints and that is just not the case.  When customers reach out to the company to change a product or service they are appealing to the company to continue to be their preferred jewelry supplier.  This is a reflection of a loyal customer who wants to build a future with the jewelry company.

There are point of sale systems that offer proven approaches to processes that can improve the performance of jewelry companies. Customer relationship management in 2010 uses automated systems and well proven processes and integrated information technology such as database marketing and social networking and internet marketing, etc. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is a required reality for successful businesses today. Customer loyalty reflects the state of quality present in customer relationships. How is your company prompting your loyal customer to provide word of mouth referrals? How might the company improve the quality of individual customer relationships? What input have existing customers been offering the company as suggestions for improvement?

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