Press Watch: Couples Fashion & Jewelry Therapy Through the Eyes of Ashton Kutcher

From time to time, a fashion magazine features an opinion or editorial that is unexpected but thought-provoking.


Such is the article “How to Dress Like the Perfect Couple” in the September 2007 issue of Harper’s Bazaar written by actor Ashton Kutcher. As he won the heart of the perennially stylish Demi Moore and has been married to her for two years despite their age difference (he is now 29, she is 44), he must know something about keeping one’s significant other happy and retaining the public perception of domestic harmony.


He writes that looking like a stylish couple is in the details. “You never want people to notice your accessories. . . . If people comment on your shoes or bag, they’re not appreciating the entire essence that is you.” He adds that your ensemble “supports you; you don’t support it. In this same way, your man should not upstage you. He is there to highlight you.” He counsels women to buy for and style their men, but to keep mum about the process. “Always make sure that your jewelry is in sync and that he is not more or less dressed up than you are.”


I don’t agree that people shouldn’t notice a woman’s accessories. After all, the most tastefully elegant jewelry, handbag, shoes or hat may support a woman’s style and personality so well that it merits notice. I may not always find it necessary to comment when I think someone’s earrings, necklace or hat relates beautifully to her features, but aesthetically, I notice. For instance, I think that Demi Moore’s earrings and shoes in the photo of the couple I have linked here are flattering choices, worthy of comment, even as they support her overall style.


I do love to see when a woman’s significant other is attired in a fashion that is in sync with hers. For a married couple, coordinating jewelry and apparel as a couple can and perhaps should extend long after the selection of wedding bands and wedding day garb. Perhaps this article will give you a starting point to discuss expanding or revamping the jewelry wardrobes of the couples who shop for jewelry at your store.


Today’s Jewel

Here’s an article that might be fun to discuss with your retail staff and with select customers too. What do you think? Do you agree with Mr. Kutcher’s point of view?

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