Press Watch: A Pregnant Pause

Toni Rumore noted in her Sept 7 blog posting on Style 360 that, among the new, fashionable book releases is The Little Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia, the Project Runway judge and Fashion Director of Elle magazine. 

I’m a fan of “Project Runway,” Elle magazine and Ms. Garcia, so I am looking forward to perusing her book, although I haven’t yet had the opportunity to enjoy it.


However, the September 10 issue of People magazine reported on some of the tips provided in the book, including one to warm the heart of jewelers everywhere.

Ms. Garcia, who certainly knows her fashion, encourages pregnant women not to purchase huge designer handbags to hide the baby bump, which might be the expected advice. Rather, she encourages expectant mothers to wear jewelry. She adds: “Make the guy buy it for you—he got you into this.” That sounds like the Nina Garcia we know and love.


And yes, her own husband purchased a vintage gold necklace for her when she was pregnant with their five-month old son.


The idea of “push presents” seems to be well-established these days, but I like the fresh, stylish take of celebrating the pregnancy itself with a gift of jewelry to the expectant mother. And no one says that a push present can’t follow.


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