Precious Baby Names

I have always been fascinated by names.

For a few years of my young life, I loved the name “Jennifer” and would respond to nothing else. I keep a running list of potential baby names with my younger sister Emily, who laments the fact that I am older, will probably have a child first, and may steal a favorite name of hers. I intently follow the births of celebrity babies, waiting for their names to be published; pleased by the innovative (Shiloh) and shocked by the bizarre (Pilot Inspektor).

The latest baby to hit the headlines is the daughter of one of my favorite jewelry designers, Jennifer Meyer, and her actor fiancé, Tobey Maguire. The baby’s name: Ruby. I love this name- different, pretty, and non-fussy- and I love what it reintroduces: jewels as monikers.

Some jewel names have been famously used, like Jade (Jagger), Jasper (Johns), and, um, Jewel. Others are relatively mainstream, like Amber and Pearl. Still others are relatively untapped, unusual but not unknown, and ready for the next new mother or father to snap up.

Emily, watch out: I’m putting Sapphire on my list.

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