Positive Shopping Experiences Need to be Branded

Positive shopping experiences need to be branded . . . even if they only represent a smile,  or a gesture because they can all add up to what a shopper defines as an experience. Positive shopping experiences need to be part of the brand and systematically incorporated into the customer’s shopping experience through the delivery of commanding sales presentations and compelling product demonstrations. Consider positive expressions in branding and how jewelry customers react to positive dialogue. The real world dynamics of competing in the jewelry industry with all of its “me too” products and services do more to confuse shoppers than brand buyers. The focus clearly has to be on the brand’s promise . . . what it proclaims to provide in benefits for the customer. In these recessionary times shoppers are inundated with price discounts which are all used to suggest better value. But we all know that true value has more to do with what the product does for the customer than the discount attached to the item at the time of sale.  Today’s buyers know too well that just because something is on sale does not mean that they have to have it. In fact, some buyers think these tough times warrant not purchasing luxury items. Jewelry marketers need to brand the excitement of wearing their jewelry, and the aesthetic appeal of the design and style of the brand’s motif, and all of the visual rhetoric you can symbolize for their markets. Tell us about how you brand and your company and products. What sort of brand promise does your brand offer . . . and deliver?

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