Portero.com Slashes Sale Commissions for the Holidays

Looking to make a few extra bucks this holiday season? Check out the sale
happening now at Portero.com. The discounts aren’t on the site’s saleable
merchandise—high-end and gently used luxury goods like Prada bags and estate
jewelry—mind you, but on its self-serve, direct-to-consumer sale services
available through its Vendor Platform.

Through the end of January, the e-tailer is reducing its commission from 12
percent for watches and 15 percent for jewelry to just 10 percent for both
categories (plus 3 percent to cover credit card processing fees) on any items
uploaded through Jan. 31 that sell. There is no fee to list
items, providing a cost-effective means of sales and marketing since 200,000
fashion-forward and luxury-seeking consumers shop Portero.com monthly.

“We recognize this number is lower than many flash sites, but it is trending
upward and is relatively high in comparison to sites that have the type of
high-ticket items that we do,” says CEO Susan Engel with the site’s
category-wide $2,000 average ticket sales in mind.

Some 50 companies total—designers and retailers—already use Portero.com’s
Vendor Platform; think eBay, but for really
good stuff.

In less than a day, new vendors can go through a vetting process—to keep the
merchandise mix more one-of-a-kind than mass market—sign a contract, train to
use its online system, and start selling. By hosting a sale on services, the
site aims to increase the variety of items available for online holiday

“The more products we have on the site, the better our sales, so we want to
inspire new vendors to sign up, and encourage our existing vendors to add more
product during this important holiday shopping season,” explains Engel.

Adding to fun are new Wish List and Ask the Expert sections, where shoppers
have already made a few particular requests—anyone have a Cartier Love bracelet
to sell? No questions for the experts yet, but with several dozen engagement
rings already for sale, Portero.com expects some. “I’m anticipating some
questions from hopeful men!” says senior merchandising
director Michelle Orman.

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