Pomerantz Named WFDB Roving Ambassador

Howard M. Pomerantz, executive vice president of Gem Certification & Assurance Laboratory, has been appointed by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses as roving ambassador for the WFDB Mark.

Pomerantz was named as the special envoy to the WFDB Executive Committee by WFDB President Ernie Blom. As roving ambassador, Pomerantz will concentrate on developing and presenting an Associate Membership program during an upcoming international tour of the 26 WFDB bourses worldwide.

“This honor to assist the WFDB is a new personal challenge, and our plan is to establish the WFDB Mark to benefit our industry and bring a consumer confidence standard to diamonds,” Pomerantz said. “Associate member opportunities offer industry suppliers one of the best solutions for demonstrating that their diamond products and services adhere to the best WFDB practice principles that benefit consumers’ trust.”

Launched in June 2006, the WFDB Mark is a trademarked logo that approved members of WFDB-affiliated diamond exchanges can display to clients and suppliers, to confirm that they abide by the WFDB Code of Principles. Bourse members can display the WFDB Mark as long as they are in good standing.