Play With Purpose

Work is—or should be—play with a purpose. We all spend the majority of our lives working. This being true, then shouldn’t work be fun? I think so. I consider myself very fortunate. I love the work I do; I truly enjoy the people that I meet and the places I get to go. The rewards of the job are tremendous. As an added benefit, I have a lot of fun doing what I do.

The question is: Are you truly having fun working where you are working, selling jewelry, and helping people celebrate those special moments in their lives? If it isn’t fun, then I would guess you are not being as productive and successful as you possibly could be. I am not professing that you should leave your job. What I am saying is that if the fun and the passion has somehow left you, work to get it back. You are the only one that is truly responsible for making your own past, present, and future.

Many of you have seen the “Fish” video that I have seen circulating around recently. If you haven’t it is a documentary about a fish company in Seattle that throws fish around while singing and just blatantly having fun while selling fish. I can assure you—they sell a lot of fish.

I have seen a fudge company where all the employees are singing and dancing while slapping the fudge around on a marble table. The singing and dancing employees mesmerize all of the potential customers. They are employees or salespeople who are actually having a great deal of fun and selling a great deal of fudge. 

When the experience of spending money is fun for the customer, then the profession of selling becomes even more fun. Make buying from you and your company a fun experience for your customers and for yourself. Being a professional jewelry salesperson should and can be a great deal of fun. It starts with you and your ability to make it fun and look at work as play with a purpose.

Author, trainer, consultant, and speaker Brad Huisken is president of IAS Training. He publishes a free weekly newsletter called “Sales Insight.” For a free subscription or more information on training, contact IAS Training at 800-248-7703,, fax 303-936-9581, or visit the website at

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