Platinum Guild launches re-branding

The group that put platinum on the map in the 1990s is back with a new look and new initiatives to continue building on the popularity of the metal.

The new initiative from Platinum Guild International—which includes trade and consumer Web sites and a consumer advertising campaign—incorporates a new brand mark as well as a water theme in platinum marketing. The water theme was actually generated directly from consumer feedback, says Platinum Guild International USA’s new president, Huw Daniel. Consumers equate the qualities of platinum—like purity—with water.

The new PGI positioning will commence this fall with a new ad campaign in the United States, Italy, Japan, and China. The creative push, Daniel said, will be on bridal jewelry.

The consumer Web site will launch at the same time and feature elements like the opportunity to virtually “try on” various jewelry. A trade Web site is coming this summer that will provide members of the trade with more information, access to training, and education.

All elements of this re-branding initiative will push a singular theme: Platinum is pure, rare, and eternal.

The new look of the Platinum Guild is on display in the Platinum Pavilion, where water-themed displays and samples of the Web site are available to view.