Photo Foul: Sheer But Not Genius

From time to time, I come across a photo of an individual styled so beautifully with jewelry that the photo deserves comment and another admiring look. At times, the opposite is true, and it’s time to break out the black bar and ask the question favored by various celebrity-focused magazines, “What was she thinking?” Today, sadly, is an example of the latter.


Sheer trench coats and jackets are very much in the fashion news these days. The sheer layer adds structure and a hint of color to what lies under it, which, for purposes of public wear at least, should be something that could stand on its own.


The semi-sheer white top of the celebrity pictured here, however, is apparently intended to show off her lacy brassiere, as the top is styled to fall off a shoulder and reveal a bra strap. One bra strap doesn’t necessarily make the ensemble tacky. However, the elaborate detail of her long drop earrings mirrors the lacy patterns of the brassiere and directs the eye directly to the bra cups.


Wouldn’t she rather have us looking at her lovely face?

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