Photo Find: Spirited Danglers–Energy in a Pair of Earrings

From time to time, I come across a photo of an individual styled so beautifully with jewelry that the photo deserves comment and another admiring look. I was struck by this photo of actress Valerie Bertinelli, modeling at the St. Jude’s Runway for Life benefit in Beverly Hills earlier this month.


Bertinelli is stunning in a short, strapless Robert Ellis dress of ruched silk in a rich shade of brown with a ruffled hem and a matching wrap. The ensemble highlights her hourglass shape as the eye is drawn in and then back out, and at the same time is all about angles–triangles, to be precise.

The overall shape from the top of her head to the bottom of the ensemble is a triangle, with the bottom edges of the ruffle and wrap and her shoulder-length hair all moving diagonally out and away from her form as she works the runway. The perfect finishing touch is her earrings. 

The earring design has two segments: large triangles dangling from what appears to be diamond shapes, rendered in rich cognac-colored stones surrounded by diamonds set in yellow gold. The earrings are unidentified as to designer. They pick up the overall triangular silhouette and, at the same time, are of a beautiful size and scale that complement Bertinelli’s features. As she moves, the earrings swing out, and notice how they create a miniature hourglass shape from the top of her ears to the bottom of the earrings. The ensemble gives the sense of wonderful energy emanating from the wearer.

The photo was published in the October 27, 2008 issue of People magazine, with the photo credit going to Frazer Harrison/Getty.

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