Photo Find: A Medal for This Chevron Effect

From time to time, I come across a photo of an individual styled so beautifully with jewelry that the photo deserves comment and another admiring look. I was struck by this photo run yesterday by the New York magazine online feature, “The Cut,” showing Kim Kardashian sporting new and very becoming bangs. 



Notice how her haircut emphasizes the inverted triangle of her face. She repeats the vee-shaped line in the ruffled portrait neckline of her gown. What finishes the look exquisitely is the contoured necklace, which adds a third vee-shaped element, creating almost a chevron effect. A rounded necklace would not be as striking in complementing the dress and the wearer.


The necklace scores additional points here for at least a couple of reasons. The scale of the necklace is excellent with Kardashian’s facial features, and the necklace sits approximately at her first balance point, an optimal placement for a necklace. This stunning look deserves a medal.

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