PGI-USA joins task force to analyze FTC guidelines

Platinum Guild International USA (PGI-USA) is participating in a new Industry Advisory Task Force to conduct an industry-wide analysis of the current Federal Trade Commission Guides on marking products made wholly or in part of platinum. In a statement, the organization says it is “pleased to be a member of this task force and looks forward to contributing to its deliberations and conclusions.”

“PGI-USA is particularly interested in industry compliance standards for platinum products, which aid in the manufacture and sale of platinum jewelry, and in maintaining the very high levels of consumer expectation and confidence in the most precious of metals,” said Huw Daniel, PGI-USA president. “Today’s consumer expects high levels of disclosure and product information, which PGI-USA facilitates through a variety of communication tools.”

The Task Force was formed to respond to increasing industry interest in compliance standards for platinum products.

PGI-USA is the U.S. marketing arm of the worldwide platinum jewelry industry. PGI-USA has provided the U.S. jewelry industry with educational, marketing, advertising, promotional, sales and technical manufacturing support for over thirteen years, also providing the consumer with educational literature that describes the benefits and standards of platinum jewelry and aids the consumer in purchasing decisions.