PGI Focus Group Insights

  A new series of focus groups conducted by the Platinum Guild International USA aim to dissect and understand men’s bridal jewelry shopping habits and attitudes, and uncover the keys to their purchasing decisions. Focus groups took place in Atlanta and Chicago, and included interviews with pre-engaged, engaged, and married men between the ages of 24-53. Key findings provide valuable insights that PGI-USA will share with their partners, providing them the knowledge and tools to increase platinum bridal sales.

“By fully understanding the men’s bridal jewelry purchase process, we will be better equipped to help our partners fulfill their customers’ desire for Platinum and maximize their profitability through increased platinum bridal jewelry sales,” said Huw Daniel, president, PGI-USA, in a release.

According to findings, men were more likely to purchase platinum bridal jewelry when: sales associates communicated platinum’s intrinsic value and inherent characteristics (its naturally white color and ability to hold a diamond securely); after experiencing platinum’s weight and associating it with strength and durability; and when men learned of the idea “metal harmony”–matching metals between the engagement ring and his and her wedding bands.

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