PGI and Richemont form a platinum design program in Italy

Platinum Guild International Italia and the Creative Academy, the international design school of the Richemont Group, Milan, have joined forces to create “The Nature of Platinum” project, which seeks to stimulate creativity, using the precious metal.

Twenty students from the Creative Academy’s design course will take part in a program of studies, under the guidance of the designer Matali Crasset, focusing on platinum. At the end of the program, the students from all over the world will present their designs in the Club degli Orafi (an association of major players of the Italian jewelry industry in Milan) April 4 to 7 during the International Furniture Show.

Platinum Guild International Italia offers young creative artists the chance to give shape to their innovative ideas based on the concept of platinum as a naturally pure, rare, and eternal metal. Classes, meetings, and visits will introduce the students to the world of platinum so they understand its essence and may draw on it for inspiration.