My Cats Deserve This Bowl From Gem-Water

I have heard that for some people, the arrival of a new member to the family means a shift in attitude toward your pets. For me, that has been very true. Since our little girl joined Team Siminitz, I have treated our two little kitties with considerable contempt. Those sweet, snuggly little members of our family suddenly don’t feel so cute anymore—and I feel just awful for even admitting I feel that way.
While I have heard that this can be normal, I’d like to make an effort to show my two fur balls a little extra love these days. So when I got the news about Gem-Water’s new bowl for pets, it felt like perfect timing.
Named the CrownJuwel, this bowl uses crystals to enliven your pet’s drinking water—much like the bottles and drinking accessories Gem-Water has become so well-known and loved for (those ones are for humans, of course).
Gem-Water pet bowl
The CrownJuwel uses a special blend of crystals to enliven your pet’s water
For Fido or Felix’s water bowls, Gem-Water has put together a special gem blend. It consists of nephrite jade for vitality; brown agate for strength; clear quartz for awareness; peridot for balance; and mangano calcite for social behavior.
“We saw an amazing opportunity in the pet market that wasn’t being fulfilled,” said Anjanette Sinesio, owner of Gem-Water. “So many people love Gem-Water, and we all knew the time was right to expand into this market. This bowl was made with so much love by Ewald (Eisen, inventor of VitaJuwel, which Gem-Water sells) and tested for months with his dogs.”
The bowl retails for $78 and is available in natural white, slate gray, or ocean blue. It’s made from a blend of bamboo, cornstarch, and wool, and, according to Gem-Water, it’s chew-proof!
Pre-orders for wholesale are being taken now, and the new item will be available at the end of September. For more information, visit