The Perfect Valentine’s Day Ring Stack

And by “perfect” I mean according to me.

To be clear, I’m pretty sure this year’s Valentine’s Day is going to be a deli roses and Russell Stover situation—no diamond bracelets for me. Ditto any self-empowering self-purchases.

But I do have a little wish list going (you know, for future reference) and it happens to involve a jewelry category that my personal collection’s currently lacking in: stacking rings.

I’ve actually given the matter considerable thought and have arrived at the following trio of dainty styles that look sweet, and nest well, together.

First up—a ring I’ve been eyeing for a while that features my birthstone in baguette form, neatly placed in a clean, modern east-west setting. The stone is natural and unheated and if the color looks as good in person as it does in the photo, then I’m a goner.

Elliot Gaskin Ruby Baguette RingRuby Baguette Ring with a 0.20 ct. ruby set in milgrian-detailed 14k yellow gold, $1,200; Elliot Gaskin

Next, another ruby ring. I love the tiny, tiny heart-shaped design (perfect for Valentine’s Day) and the ring’s name, which also happens to be my daughter’s nickname (perfect for me).

Stella and Bow Ruby Heart RingGigi Heart Ring with ruby in 14k yellow gold, $242; Stella and Bow

Signet rings are a trend I’ve admired from afar and, of course, I’m 100 percent on board. They’re vintage-inspired, boy-meets-girl, and appealingly sentimental, while keeping a lower profile than say, a nameplate necklace or a locket.

I was instantly smitten with this petite take on the classic style when I saw it on Instagram. Originally designed to be worn as a pinky ring, its flattened horizontal silhouette means it will stack well with other styles. Handmade and hand-engraved by the designer herself (a fellow Brooklyn mom), I’m finding this “G thing” pretty hard to resist.

Mother’s Day, I’m coming for you…

Diana Mitchell Gold Signet RingMini Signet Ring in 18k yellow gold, $575; Diana Mitchell

(Top image: Elliot Gaskin)

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