Paris Couture Week’s Best—and Kookiest—Jewelry Looks So Far

French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier whipped up a runway show this week for the Couture shows in Paris that brought back memories of his iconic designs for ’80s-era Madonna (remember the cone bras and chest harnesses she wore in the ’80s? That was Gaultier).

There were definite nods to riders with crops in the designer’s suiting and separates, all tailored to the teeth. And there was even a model who walked topless, as Madonna once did at a Gaultier show, covered only by a clear plastic plate (and a massive black chandelier necklace) emblazoned with the phrase “Free the Nipple.”

You’d think any jewelry happening in that scenario would be instantly overshadowed by, well, nipples—but no! Gaultier and his team created one of the kookiest jewelry pieces we’ve seen in ages.

Behold, in the photos below, earrings hooked with waist-length locks of hair. Hair hoops? Mane anchors? Not sure what to call them. But several models wore the look, each with a lock that matched the color of their hair—which evoked a cartoony, deconstructed hair- extension effect.

Jean Paul Gaultier jewelry couture 2018
Top, above, and below: A hair earring at Jean Paul Gaultier’s Couture show (via: @Rock-n-drash)
Jean Paul Gaultier jewelry couture 2018
Image via: @leila.nda

There were other, less zany jewels of note in the show, including the aforementioned chandelier necklace (nudity prohibits me from posting it, but see it here) and several outsized, inky baubles, including shoulder-dusting black earrings (below) and, for the male models, bold black chains and metal drop earrings.

Jean Paul Gaultier jewelry couture 2018
Image via: @rock_n_drash

The other standout collection in terms of jewelry at Couture Week so far came courtesy of Chinese designer Guo Pei, who presented a collection of darkly fantastical fashion inspired by Gothic architecture.

Pei had her jewelry artisans create scores of earrings that were, in their own right, intricate structures. The pieces were exquisite—and exemplified highly specialized, top-shelf craftsmanship.

Echoes of pagodas, bird cages, and Gothic-era molding were evident. And the final effect was full-stop majestic.

Guo Pei couture 2018 jewelry
Guo Pei’s architectural earrings (image via: @daniela_aciu)
Guo Pei couture 2018 jewelry
Image via: @myfashionreel_magazine
Guo Pei couture 2018 jewelry
Image via: @designartmagazine

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