Pandora’s Report: More Talk of Branding and E-Commerce

There was a lot of interest in Pandora’s mention
of e-commerce
in its prospectus. Its annual
(PDF) was released this week, and includes two more references to

In 2011, PANDORA will increase the
focus on translating our marketing strategies to the digital space, building a
meaningful relationship with the target audiences through an engaging digital
experience – whether it will be through our website, e-commerce, the PANDORA
Club or social media. [p. 14] …. 

In 2010, PANDORA focused on
building brand awareness in all markets and positioning the brand as an
affordable luxury jewellery brand through TV, printed and outdoor
advertisements, brochures, digital media, and points of sale. In 2011,
translating marketing strategies to the digital world will be further
strengthened through website, ecommerce, PANDORA Club and social media
activities. [p. 31]

Whatever happens with Pandora the company, it should be noted that there are already jewelers selling its beads online now.

– The company repeatedly says its aim is to become a “global brand.” It is also concentrating on “branded points of sale” …

PANDORA [will] focus strategically
on increasing the number of PANDORA-branded points of sale as branded sales
strengthen the perception of the brand in the retail environment and allow
PANDORA to expand the product offering further than through unbranded points of
sale. In 2010, PANDORA continued upgrading the existing customer base as well
as rolling out new stores. This substantially increased the number of branded
points of sale in 2010 compared to 2009. Branded points of sale include Concept
stores, Shop-in-Shops and Gold stores. [p. 10]

– Interesting stuff. For more from the report, check out our story today and this Wall Street Journal report.

JCK News Director