Pandora Australia Appoints New President

Pandora has appointed David Allen as president for Pandora Australia.

Allen, who currently serves as Pandora’s vice president, brings years of retail experience to his role. He previously worked for specialty retailers such as the Pretty Girl Fashion Group, Woolworth Group, and the Colorado Group.

Allen will replace current president Karin Adcock, who is voluntarily stepping down. Adcock will continue in her role as chairman of the Pandora Australia advisory board as well as chairman of the Pandora franchise advisory council for the Australian and New Zealand business.

“David Allen brings profound retail experience and energetic leadership to the Global Management team, and I look forward to working with him,” Björn Gulden, Pandora CEO, said in a statement. “I am confident David has the right set of both personal and professional skills to successfully bring Pandora to the next level in this region.”