Oversize bracelets


Big cuff and bangle bracelets are good way to offer customers the statement pieces they’re looking for now. Customers are buying less and purchasing more significant pieces—be they physically bigger to carry an entire outfit in one accessory or more unique and/or precious from a design, materials perspective. A big bracelet can be viewed by the wearer, unlike earrings, making them instantly appealing, and are easy for friends to grab and gush over (people generally won’t lunge at your head to see cool earrings, but few hesitate to grab an extended arm when they see something on it that they like).


Retailers, what kinds of bracelets are your customers buying? Please tell me by way of the comment function.


Fani jewelry
18k black and white gold bracelet and earrings featuring colorless, black, and brown diamonds. Fani at Baselworld.

Anna Ruth Henriques bracelet 
Anna Ruth Henriques bracelet

Hand-finished paintings are set under quartz, quartz and sterling finish the piece. Anna Ruth Henriques for Viewpoint during JCK Las Vegas.


Watermelon tourmaline bracelet from Trésor
Colored stone and gold bracelets from Trésor

Watermelon tourmaline cuff is made of 18k gold and is made in India. Multicolor tourmaline Xylophone bracelets are also made of 18k gold. Trésor during JCK Las Vegas


Sterling bracelet from Vaid for Old World Chain 
Sterling bracelet from Vaid for Old World Chain

Black rhodium over sterling silver links (this bracelet looks like a bangle but has enough flexibility to open a bit). Vaid for Old World Chain at JCK Las Vegas.


Sterling and karat gold bracelet from Eugene Unger for Old World Chain 

Sterling silver and gold bracelet. Eugene Unger for Old World Chain at JCK Las Vegas.


Lapis and sterling crystal haze bracelet from Stephen Webster

Oversize Crystal Haze bracelet. Stephen Webster at Baselworld.


Gemstone and gold bracelet from Tamara Comolli

Bullet-shaped gems in 18k gold. Tamara Comolli at Baselworld.


Pearl, gold, and gemstone bracelet from Autore Pearls

One of a kind with South Sea pearls. Autore at Baselworld.



Susan Sadler had a big selection of gorgeous bracelets, but I ran out of time and didn’t get to see them close up. Reach Susan at smsadler@sbcglobal.net. 

Also see new blackened bronze and sterling bangles from Maya Jewels and agate and rough diamond bracelets from Nina Runsdorf.


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