One-Shoulder Hairstyles Showcase One Perfect Earring

The August 2011 issue of Glamour
magazine brings this hairstyle into prominent focus: lush
locks swept forward and to one side.
As Glamour
notes, these one-shoulder waves are hot right now: “Celebs demonstrate the flirty look of the
moment—waves all to one side. And the best part: It’s doable, no matter what
your length.”

The Glamour photo pictures
Penélope Cruz, Whitney Port, Freida Pinto, Salma Hayek, and Selena Gomez, each sporting
side-swept hair and wearing one visible earring; Taylor Swift photographed at
an angle that doesn’t disclose whether she is wearing an earring, and Blake
Lively bypassing the opportunity to polish her look with an earring. Notice
that all the necklines are fairly open, except that worn by Pinto, who accents
her collared shirt with button earrings.

The one-shoulder hairstyle look not only shows off beautiful
hair, it also exposes an ear and a portion of the neck, providing the perfect
showcase for one perfect earring. I say one, because the second earring is typically
entirely hidden by the hair. Here’s an ideal way to utilize and enjoy an
earring that has lost its mate.

The August 2011 issue of Harper’s
pictures Eugenie Niarchos posing in one of Peter Dundas’ dresses
from the Fall 2011 Pucci collection. The high collar of the dress doesn’t leave
much room for dramatic earrings, and she wears only a small stud. That and her
rings are not identified by the magazine.

The August 2011 issue of Town
& Country
pictures the Duchess of Cambridge and Elle Macpherson wearing
side-swept one-shoulder hairstyles in a feature on jewels worn to the beach.
Stellene Volandes, writing for the magazine, notes: “Some might object to the
idea of beach jewelry on practical
grounds—saltwater does a number on stones; pearls should not get wet—but they
might be missing the point. Although there’s nothing sensible about wearing a
gold cuff in the ocean, just the idea of diving into the water with one on defines
the carefree days of summer.”

Unless you have an unlimited budget, or you simply don’t
care about your jewelry, leave this practice to those who might want to be
wearing jewelry for the paparazzi. The jewelry singled out for summertime risk
in the fashion spread are baroque freshwater pearl studs from Yvel, wooly
mammoth necklaces from Monique Péan, an Oro Rosa wristwatch, and a bracelet
from the Roberto Coin Appassionata Collection.

The one-earring look is edgy all on its own, off the beach
and even without a hairstyle to highlight it. This ad for Pomellato jewelry in
the May 2011 issue of Elle magazine
features a portrait of actress Tilda Swinton by Javier Vallhonrat. The single
earring she wears complements her features beautifully. Memorable? Without doubt.

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