Now That’s Entertainment!

MystereIf you’re having trouble deciding on which show to go see during your stay in Las Vegas, we’re here to help! Our upcoming Countdown to Vegas newsletters will provide information on all the entertainment Las Vegas has to offer.  This week, we spotlight the Treasure Island Cirque Du Soleil show Mystère.

You will not be disappointed with the truly creative visual, musical and acrobatic show that is Mystère.  The show offers performances that push the envelope to present a truly awe-inspiring show you would have previously thought impossible.

The theatrical and breathtaking acrobatic performances venture to the edge of human possibility. Don’t waste your time or money trying to seek out a front row seat, because the further back you sit, the more you’ll appreciate the astonishing and terrifying leaps and twists performed by these incredible artists which use every inch of corner, ceiling and hanging space. Performers exhibit a combination of strength and stamina as they hurl themselves into the air and contort themselves into different poses that seemingly break the laws of human capabilities.

All of the performers have exquisite vibrant costumes that enhance the magical atmosphere and create another world on stage. There are gymnasts dressed like ethereal angels, bird-like performers adorned in feathers, creatures resembling giant colorful giraffes that move around on stilts, acrobats with multiple long blue goblin-like faces and a finale including a stage-sized snail creature complete with twitching tail.

The music that accompanies the performances also sets the show apart. The sweet soprano of the lead singer transports you to a simpler time and the thumping of the drums throughout the show makes your heart beat faster as you watch acrobats soar through the air. The stringed instruments stir the soul during the more subtle and sensual moments. A sample of the music can be found here.

The comic relief is provided by a pair of clowns that couldn’t be more contradictory. You meet the first before the show even starts. A disgruntled clown warms up the audience by leading people to the wrong seats. Dressed in a rumbled suit, he gets increasingly more frustrated and ends up ripping up tickets, kicking people out of the theater and throwing popcorn on unsuspecting spectators. Security roughly throws him out, but he makes several additional appearances in an attempt to steal the spotlight.

Another clown dressed like a baby in search of its mother terrorizes an unlucky audience member intermittently during the show. The victim is subjected to spray from the clown’s baby bottle, a ride in a fast moving golf cart and a costume change into a baby outfit. The clowns provide the perfect complement to the high-flying acts and passionate dance performances.

The exotic and vibrant costumes, the skilled performers, memorable music and close proximity to the JCK Las Vegas Show are more than enough reasons to make Mystère one of the shows you should see in Vegas.

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