N.J. Jeweler May Have to Pay Out for Snow Promotion

Shoppers who purchased jewelry from Anthony Jewelers in Palmyra, N.J., on
Thanksgiving weekend might be lucky enough to get full refunds for their
purchases this year.
For the past 15 years, Anthony’s has held a snowfall promotion for sales made
on Nov. 26 and Nov. 27. It says that if a certain amount of snow—the measurement varies from year to year—falls on
Christmas Day, customers get their money back.
President Anthony Fratto tells JCK
there’s a chance that could happen this Christmas. “It looks like we have a
good shot at it this year,” Fratto says. Current forecasts from Weather.com indicate a 30 percent chance of snow showers Dec. 25. Fratto says the company
is insured for one inch of snow this year.
The long-running promo makes a difference for the jewelry store’s
Thanksgiving weekend sales, says Fratto. “We’re not in the big city, we’re in a small town
off the beaten path. This promotion gives us a chance to get our
message out in a dignified way.”
Fratto says he’s never had to give refunds due to the promotion but had a
close call about eight years ago. “We were insured for one inch of snow and
it measured 0.9 inches,” he says. However, local news reported
an inch of snow at the airport, confusing customers. “We had a few customers
get riled up,” Fratto says. “Once we explained the situation to them,
they understood.”
Fratto did not have exact numbers on Thanksgiving weekend sales but says the
store did better than last year, with help from the annual promotion.
“There’s chance we’ll get snow on Christmas Day, so that will make it fun.”