New York State of Mind: David Yurman’s Latest Lifestyle Ads

On my commute recently through Grand Central Station, I
noticed David Yurman’s newest lifestyle ads. Pasted on the walls and floors of one
of the Metro North passageways were elegant shots of a male and a female (Kate
Moss) model decked out in Yurman’s jewels and watches, as well as still-life
photography, with the taglines:

Born in New York

Designed in New York

Loved in New York

All three statements are true, but I wonder if these ads
could also lead viewers to believe that the jewelry is made in New York? Some
is, but some is also made in other places, a point which the brand confirms.

The Yurman camp says the campaign speaks to the brand’s
lifestyle status; the objective of the ad campaign “is to increase brand
awareness and reinforce the brand’s presence in NY,” according to the company. “It’s
saying who we are, not what we are doing,” a spokesperson told JCK. “It’s not about the product and
what we do with it.” But since the Yurman brand exists to sell a product, how
many people will actually make that distinction? And if they don’t, does this
inadvertently put smaller artisans—who do make their jewelry locally—at a
competitive disadvantage? Thoughts?

 David Yurman

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