New Saturn-Inspired Diamond Earrings from Dove’s

At LUXURY at JCK, Doron Hakimian, designer and owner of Dove’s Jewelry Designs in Great Neck, N.Y., unveiled this pair of Saturn-inspired earrings, an addition to his Mocha Mosaic Collection that debuted at Centurion 2011.

The brown-plated, 18k rose gold pair feature 9.25 cts. t.w. of brown, black, and colorless diamonds for $22,000. Had they been made with all colorless stones, the price would have been—well, just too pricey.

“We wanted to offer something interesting, but also keep the price point down since white diamonds are so expensive right now,” he explained to JCK this morning. The style also speaks to the popularity of black and brown stones, and this mosaic effect, which can only be accomplished with a mix of colors.

Ten retailers from the East Coast and Midwest have already placed orders, some of them calling the style a “beautiful event earring,” recalls Hakimian.

Does anyone wear them at work? “No,” Hakimian replied. “They’re too much for every day.”

A pair of earrings from the Mocha Mosaic Collection are made in 18k rose brown gold and feature 9.25 cts. t.w. of brown, black, and colorless diamonds; $22,000. Dove’s Jewelry Designs 

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