New Purpose for CAD


There is something new under the sun in CAD/CAM technology and well worth your interest.


The initial and most obvious reason for jewelers to invest in CAD/CAM has been the creation of patterns for investment casting. That has been all well and good for our industry thus far but in recent months a new product has surfaced that may be a better reason to invest in technology


Most CAD programs are able to render a jewelers design in what the software companies have called a “photo-realistic” image. These images have been an advantage in selling custom designs but, have never really been comparable to photographs of the finished jewelry. Recently, a small software company Chaos Group in Bulgaria introduced a software program V-Ray which will create a whole new standard for jewelry rendering





V-Ray is available as a “plug-in” for Rhinoceros as well as the Gemvision Matrix software program used by many jewelers. It allows a jeweler to easily show a potential buyer how a design might look with a variety of gems or gold colors with just a click of the mouse.



This is not just an incremental improvement over other rendering programs. The quality and resolution used in this technology will allow for print and multimedia advertisements that rival professional photography without having to produce the real jewelry. For a CAD/CAM jeweler, this software can be a real innovation. Imagine what you could do……



Images Courtesy of Gemvision

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