New Jersey Cites Businesses for Inaccurate Scales and Related Violations

Officers from the New Jersey Office of Weights and Measures cited
49 gold- and jewelry-buying businesses with more than 1,600 summonses for
allegedly violating state laws. The office said a statewide inspection sweep found
inaccurate scales that misweighed items and resulted in consumers receiving
less money.

The state’s Precious Metals Task Force began inspections in
June following a consumer complaint.

At a press conference today, state officials displayed some
of the confiscated scales, included one with a spring that pushed back as an
item was weighed, producing an inaccurate reading.

The businesses were cited for violations of laws that
require detailed receipts to be provided to sellers, as well as for the use of
scales that were found to be unregistered, not inspected, not approved for use
in New Jersey, and that had been unsealed and tampered with.