New Diamond Technology Introduced at JCK Show

Technology companies will be introducing new devices at the
JCK Show in Las Vegas.

GemEx Systems is offering
ION, a new service
that lets jewelers offer “personalized diamonds” by precision marking a stone’s
girdle and table. The inscription is 1/500th the size of a human hair and does
not affect the stone’s 4C characteristics. 

The new program includes reduced pricing for table
inscriptions, customized Holographic Diamond Viewers (HDV) to display the
inscriptions, and five cubic zirconia ION samples for demonstrations with
retail customers.    

OGI Systems will
introduce its Scanox HD and MEGAFire systems.

The Scanox
HD system uses a high-resolution digital camera to provide a 3D model, which
the company calls “the sharpest and clearest diamond image possible.” It
includes innovative multi-lenses that provide consistency in diamond

The system is designed to be used by labs that require
maximum accuracy during the scanning process of the diamond, the company said.

analyzes and evaluates the light reflection of the diamond using Ray-Tracing Technology.
This tool can be used to sort stones according to their light-reflecting

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