New Diamond Engagement Rings from A. Jaffe

Audrey Hepburn may have preferred a croissant in front of
, but give me lox on a bagel and a subway ride downtown to the inner
sanctum of diamond jeweler A. Jaffe to start my day.

A. Jaffe rings

That’s where I was yesterday morning—looking at new diamond
engagement rings from the New York City-based bridal jewelry manufacturer—but
unlike Audrey, with no glass barrier between me and the jewels.

A. Jaffe rings

Jaffe had unveiled a small Heritage collection—in honor of
its history as a manufacturer in the city—one year ago, but has since beefed up
its offerings. Some four different sub-collections, including Art Deco, Seasons
of Love, Classic, and Metropolitan, relate to Jaffe’s history since its
inception in 1892.

A. Jaffe ringsA. Jaffe rings

A. Jaffe Showstopper ring and mini-me version from the Heritage collection

What I really like about Heritage are the Showstopper rings:
mountings accommodating center stones from 3 cts. t.w.–6 cts. t.w. These are
mountings on steroids! Wearing one would be like walking around with a
satellite dish on your hand. But if the size—or price (starting retails for Showstoppers are $1,505 for 18k gold and $2,350 for platinum)—of big bling isn’t to your liking,
mini-me versions are available. In 18k gold, petite Heritage mountings start at $1,200, and in
platinum they start at $1,500. Some 49 styles exist in the Heritage collection, in addition to 17 Showstoppers.

A. Jaffe ringsA. Jaffe rings

Heritage collection Showstopper and mini-me mountings.


Just for fun: Match up the A. Jaffe Heritage sub-collection
with its contents

A. Classics (1892 – 1930)

B. Art Deco (1931 – 1960)

C. Seasons of Love (1961 – 1990)

D. Metropolitan (1991 – Present)

E. Vertebrae (bones comprising the spine)


1. Sculptured and architectural

2. Romantically whimsical

3. Simple and understated solitaires

4. Bony and cartilaginous segment motifs

5. Contemporary with classic touches

Answers: A, 3;B, 1; C, 2; D, 5; E, 4 (Just kidding! This
isn’t a Jaffe collection, it’s one from Katey Brunini


Also of note: Jaffe’s new Bubbles collection, which features
tiny bezel-set diamonds on prong tops—a look I adore for its clever use of
space and whimsical effect. In 18k gold, these start at $1,400 a mounting while
platinum semi-mounts start at $2,980. To date, there are a total of four SKUs in the Bubbles collection.

A. Jaffe rings

Bubbles collection

Finally, a new Peacock collection features feather effects
on mounting sides. Looks cool, right? Again, a nice use of space, and, a little
treat for the wearer alone. These start at $1,800 in 18k gold and $2,800 in
platinum.There are currently three SKUs in the Peacock collection.

A. Jaffe rings

A Peacock collection mounting features feather effects on the side

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