New Antwerp jewelry institute to offer a graduate course in April

The HRD and the University of Antwerp Management School have launched the Diamond, Jewellery & Management Institute (DJM) at the Antwerp World Diamond Conference.

The DJM Institute is the world’s first graduate level institute providing a combination of diamond and jewelry specific education, training, research, and development together with a full range of advanced business and management topics.

The school, which opened in November, will offer a degree in “Diamond Jewellery & Management” beginning in April. It is the first management training program within the diamond and jewelry industry. In addition, an interactive program of seminars, workshops, and courses tailored for specific corporate, government and institutional needs, will begin sometime this year.

An electronic version of the DJM brochure and more information on the “Degree in Diamond, Jewellery & Management” can be found at here and here.

For more information, please visit or contact Ellen Sterckx, co-ordinator of the DJM Institute at