Nevada Governor Hails World Jewelry Center

Nevada governor Jim Gibbons sees the new World Jewelry Center in Las Vegas as a “tremendous opportunity” for his state, he told JCK in an exclusive interview.
“This helps us build the recognition that Las Vegas is more than just gambling,” Gibbons noted, shortly before speaking at the annual Indian Diamond and Colorstone Association dinner. “I want the world to see Las Vegas is about all kinds of economic activity. It’s a city that gathers hundreds of people together. It’s the crossroads of the Western United States.”
Gibbbons sees the WJC is a way to build on the success of the JCK Las Vegas show here.
“I want to be proactive in getting the jewelry industry to focus on Las Vegas,” he said. “The World Jewelry Center is one of the cornerstones of the diversification of our city and our state.”
Gibbons said he had toured the JCK Show earlier in the day.
“I have a wife that loves to shop for jewelry,” he said. “I am sort of glad she’s not there.”
Headed by Bill Boyajian and the brainchild of developer Robert Zarnegin, the World Jewelry Center is an ambitious attempt to build a 60-story jewelry retail and wholesale mecca in Las Vegas.
Speaking at the diner, Gibbons invited everyone at the IDCA to move to Nevada, noting an average of 11 people an hour are moving there.

He also hailed IDCA for “working for 17 years to promote Indian gems, diamonds and jewelry.”